Petrolicious Feature - Lamborghini Miura - UNTAMED

Submitted by SpeedNymph on August 11, 2015


by Petrolicious Productions

"I think it's the car that put Lamborghini on the map," says Dennis Varni, and we'd have to agree.

Owner of a stunning Miura P400 S since 1979, Varni is an enthusiast with varied tastes, from Bonneville Salt Flats racers to a Fiat Topolino. But the Miura… the Miura is in a league of its own. It's also something that he'd lusted after since he first laid eyes upon one.

"These things were $19,000 new in those days, and I'd just bought a house with my wife for $11,000 in 1966, and I said, 'I'll never be able to own one of these'." But less than a decade later, he did. And as a long-time owner who was originally into hot rods, he's enjoyed how the car has opened his eyes into a world of European sports cars.

"The most redeeming thing about the Miura would be the fact that there's only so many of them. it's highly collectible, it's exciting, because it’s unusual, it's small, it's exotic.. it's still exotic today. And it was significant in its styling."

"I hope I get to stay around a long time and play with all my toys, and then when I go someone else will have them," he says. With a vast appreciation for all things automobile, we hope that Varni continues to enjoy his beloved Miura for a long time to come.

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