About Speed Nymph Garage

Speed Nymph Garage

Dennis Varni has amassed more than seventy vehicles of all types, along with a vast collection of historic and arcane auto memorabilia, emblems, neon signage, publications, artwork, photos, tools, vintage gas pumps and thousands of mementos, from St. Christopher medals to antique oilcans to auto-themed condoms. Some of these items are located at Speed Nymph Garage.

Today, Dennis Varni's Speed Nymph Garage and collection of rare and exotic vehicles is a veritable hot rod museum of classic American and foreign roadsters, muscle cars, street rods, trucks, buses, sedans, and coupes, not to mention thirteen historic motorcycles.

The best look inside Speed Nymph Garage can be found in the Galleries section. Some of the current and past projects are also featured in our Collection. The current archive of news articles are in the In the Press section.